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Cistern Pan Pipes Pipes Pipes
Cistern Pipes Seat, Pan and Blockages

Possible Problems


For a major leak turn off your water at the stopcock and turn off the electricity at the meter.

If the cistern is overflowing it may be possible to stop this temporarily by tying the ball valve in the up position.

WC not flushing
The water may be temporarily turned off by the water company or because of a mains fault. See if there is still water to the cold water tap in the kitchen. If the cistern is not filling up the ball valve may be stuck. It might work again if moved by hand. Buckets of water can be used to flush the toilet as a temporary measure.

The blockage may be in the pan or in the soil pipe (which leads to the drains). If it is in the soil pipe the bath and basin will also be blocked. You might be charged for clearing a blockage. You could try using a plunger to clear a blockage (but avoid using one with a metal disk that might damage the pan).

You will be asked how any damage occurred and you may be required to pay to repair damage that is your responsibility.

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