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Leaking or Damaged Roof Leaking or Damaged Roof Leaking or Damaged Roof
Leaking or Damaged Roof

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Are you sure that your roof is leaking? A leak might be coming from a pipe or tank in the loft. If you are not sure then please let us know. If you think that a leak might be affecting your electricity supply, turn off the power and call the emergency number.

If water is dripping from your ceiling and the ceiling is bulging then you could try putting a bucket underneath and making a small hole to let the water out. This could save the whole ceiling coming down and causing much more damage. Sloping (also known as pitched) roofs will be covered with either slates or tiles (slates are usually a grey colour and tiles are usually a reddish colour). If the tiles are not flat, they are called profiled tiles. Slates and tiles can come loose (you might see them sitting in the gutter or lying broken on the ground) or they may be broken.

It would be helpful if you could tell us how large is the damaged area to your roof and what part of the roof is affected. Flat roofs can be covered with felt (not soft fuzzy stuff but a stiff greenish material with small bits in it), asphalt (black) or zinc (greyish metal). It is very helpful if you can tell us what is covering your roof. It is often difficult to tell just by looking where a leak is in a flat roof but do tell us if you notice any obvious damage.

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