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Paving and Steps

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Step Problems Problems with Paving

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The main types of path are flagstones (also known as paving slabs) concrete and tarmac. If you have paving slabs, please check whether they are square or rectangular. If the paving stones are just loose, we can refix them. If they are broken, they will have to be replaced.
It would help if you can tell us whether the path is at the front, side or rear of your home.

Steps will either be brick, concrete or metal. Damaged steps can be dangerous so do let us know if you are worried for the safety of children or elderly people. It would also help if you could tell us the extent of any damage - is it just one or two steps that are a problem or do they all need repair?
'Insitu' concrete means that the concrete was poured on site so it is not in the form of slabs that were made elsewhere before being laid.

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